Friday, January 30, 2009

Off Leash Park

This week my girl took me to a new place where there is all sorts of dogs of every size shape and colour! Some of the big dogs scare me a little especially if there is more than one. When I'm in the middle of playing, Charis calls me sometimes, and if I run back, she gives me cheese. I love cheese!! Now I can be running away form her to play with another dog, be called, and come running back to my girl. This only works if its not with my siblings, especially Sierra (we like playing to much). Charis was scared of me running away the first time but has gotten over it because I come so well. She's taken me to a puppy park almost every day this week. It's so much fun and I get so tired.

On Wednesday I met up with Pilot and Sierra at a different park and had a blast with all the little dogs. There wasn't many bigger dogs there but I liked playing with the beagles and my siblings the best.

Here is a video of me playing and there is a post on Pilot's blog about it too. Found at

If you look really close, you can see the big cream hairy dog steal the mitten on the way by!

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