Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Blog Post

Here I am working on my blog, if you look close, you can even see the first picture of my blog. My girl should have opened a text window so I could type too (what was she thinking??)!

We just finished playing my favorite game, Hide-and-Go-Call. Since I was always with them, I didn't know how to 'come' very well, so we started playing this a few weeks ago. It's kinda like hide-and-go-seek but not quite. Mom goes off into the bedrooms while Charis is in the living room/kitchen and then Mom calls me. I go running all the way to mom (who sometimes hides in clever places like behind doors or in the closet) and then she gives me kibble. Then I wait for Charis to call me. Then I go running all the way to Charis. When I sit nicely Mom calls me and we do that over and over and over again! I love it, it is so much fun, and I get lots of kibble. Sometimes Dad and others play too, then it's very exciting trying to find who has the kibble next!

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