Friday, January 30, 2009

Off Leash Park

This week my girl took me to a new place where there is all sorts of dogs of every size shape and colour! Some of the big dogs scare me a little especially if there is more than one. When I'm in the middle of playing, Charis calls me sometimes, and if I run back, she gives me cheese. I love cheese!! Now I can be running away form her to play with another dog, be called, and come running back to my girl. This only works if its not with my siblings, especially Sierra (we like playing to much). Charis was scared of me running away the first time but has gotten over it because I come so well. She's taken me to a puppy park almost every day this week. It's so much fun and I get so tired.

On Wednesday I met up with Pilot and Sierra at a different park and had a blast with all the little dogs. There wasn't many bigger dogs there but I liked playing with the beagles and my siblings the best.

Here is a video of me playing and there is a post on Pilot's blog about it too. Found at

If you look really close, you can see the big cream hairy dog steal the mitten on the way by!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Blog Post

Here I am working on my blog, if you look close, you can even see the first picture of my blog. My girl should have opened a text window so I could type too (what was she thinking??)!

We just finished playing my favorite game, Hide-and-Go-Call. Since I was always with them, I didn't know how to 'come' very well, so we started playing this a few weeks ago. It's kinda like hide-and-go-seek but not quite. Mom goes off into the bedrooms while Charis is in the living room/kitchen and then Mom calls me. I go running all the way to mom (who sometimes hides in clever places like behind doors or in the closet) and then she gives me kibble. Then I wait for Charis to call me. Then I go running all the way to Charis. When I sit nicely Mom calls me and we do that over and over and over again! I love it, it is so much fun, and I get lots of kibble. Sometimes Dad and others play too, then it's very exciting trying to find who has the kibble next!

Saturday, January 24, 2009


I get a bath every other week on Saturday night. This is my 4th bath and though it doesn't make me happy, I don't mind the water and suds. They give me lots of kibble so it's ok. It's a big sink for a laundry room, but it doesn't have much room for my tail anymore, so soon I'll need outdoor baths! After my bath, I get to sit in front of the fire to dry off and warm up. I love being so cozy. Apparently my brother, Pilot, likes the weather cooler, but I could move to Hawaii. When they have their shower, I like to sit on the warm bath mat and get all steamy.

When they washed my towels and blanket, I got to sit and wrap up in my blanket. Then later, I fell asleep all cuddled in it. Yup, it's a pretty good life here.

Charis' note:
Ok I have to brag... Today we took her to West Edmonton Mall for a walk, No other reason, just a walk. I put the haltie on and expected to have her wear it for about 10 minutes until she pawed at it or gave some other indication that it was bugging her. I was just taking it as it came. Blowing all of my expectations away she walked (quite well..ish.. with some pulling) with her haltie on for an hour and a half through the crowds without any signs of it bothering her at all. It was the day before Chinese New Year and on Saturday - Crazy Busy! WOW!!

Fun week

What the parents do on Saturday morning but kiss in the kitchen? I think all kisses should involve me but how else do I get up there but jump? Then Dad picked me up (I normally hate that but this time I was really relaxed) and I almost fell asleep between them. Then my girl took that big black thing and flashed in our faces.

This week has been busy for me, between playing, going to the mall, puppy classes, Charis' balloon job, and a few meetings, I've been swamped! Luckily they give me tons of time to sleep.

On Thursday was my first class with half the litter. Pilot, Gunner and I were there with Maria and Eddy. After being in meetings all morning I was so excited and kept jumping on everything!! That seems to be my new trick for the week but my girl doesn't like it much. No fun. My haltie walking has been doing well, I hardly even paw it anymore. I need to meet more dogs though, I'm so excited when I see one that it's hard to concentrate on what I'm supposed to do.

I heard that Charis is planning to take me to the off leash park with some of my brothers and sisters. I haven't gone to the dog park before (Charis is scared of me running off!) but I think it will be fun.

This morning when I went out I tried a classic trick: Lick the Frozen Metal! Now my tongue is very sore and I keep licking my mouth. I'll be more careful what I lick outside. * muffled whimper *

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Haltie Fun

My job this week is to get used to wearing my new Haltie. It's been no problem, as I'm used to wearing my Santa suit. I didn't have any trouble with my new's light and airy feeling compared the the Santa suit. Plus, when I'm wearing it, I get lots of kibble. I didn't used to like getting brushed either, but now it makes me fall asleep. Here I am being brushed by my girl, all sung with my haltie on... snoring. Apparently, one of the requirements of adjusting to somthing is that you have to be awake, but I don't think so.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Second Puppy Class

Last night at Waggin' Tails the aviation litter had their second puppy class. I had a great time with my brothers and sisters and we practiced "come," loose leash walking and we all got halties. It was so weird the first time I wore my haltie, they laughed as I tried to knock it off with each step. They keep putting weird things on me. First the bandana, then the Santa suit, next the snow boots - which I didn't bother me at all, I was grateful that my feet weren't so cold.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Hard Day of School

After I waited for a long time (I usually just nap) for Charis to finish her school work, I couldn't wait any longer to play my favorite game with her "Hold The Bone While I Chew It". But my girl still had to finish school. We've come up with a number of solutions to this problem. I can play Pillow, Book-holder and Cuddley Toy. As you can see, her school's really hard.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Big Girl Jacket

I was very excited yesterday because I got to go to the Dogs With Wings office! I always like going to the office because I get to play with my big brother Jet. We found out that I'm bigger than my big brother. Now I have a little, big brother! Charis was excited too because she traded my puppy bandanna in for a big girl jacket. It will be more fun to go into public with this jacket and it means she doesn't have to fret so often to make it lie straight.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Protective Puppy

Hi there!
This is Charis, Dash's puppy raiser. Yesterday while Mom was doing her morning work-out, she was told me of the first time Dash saw her doing leglifts. We've had her for almost two months now and she' s gotten a little protective of Mom and me. Mom was on the ottoman doing leglifts and Dash decides in her little doggie mind that mom's legs are too high and should be on the floor. So what does a little dog do? Barks (not supposed to), puts her front feet on the ottoman (also not supposed to do), and gets a hold of the top of Mom's socks (still not supposed to) and tries to pull the legs down to a respectable height. It made me remember the first time she did that to me. Over the Christmas holidays Mom's side of the family rented a camp for a few days. There was a double bed at the back of the room and a single bunk bed on top of that where I stored my stuff. Dash was almost asleep when I went to put the stuff up, so I stood on the bed (which was a normal height) and Dash gave me a look of horror. A second later she had her front paws on the bed, barking and pulling me off by the socks. I jumped down and start scolding her for her total misbehaviour and she growls lightly at me and then settles down for bed again. Looking back I can almost hear her saying "GET OFF OF THERE!! You're going to fall and break your neck!! GET OFF, and don't get on there again, EVER!!!" Silly puppy. But I'm glad she's protecting me!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hockey Puppy!

Hockey Puppy! At our family reunion, a few of us played around on the ice. They were all very careful with my paws, and my feet slid around less on the ice than on the kitchen floor! I even scored more goals than Charis! I loved chasing the puck around and it just fit in my mouth when it was opened as wide as I could...then Charis told me when to drop it in the net! I scored 4 times! I skated faster than the littlest girls and when Charis got tired, I played dog-sled dog!


This was going to be a beautiful picture of me sitting, but just as the picture was taken, I couldn't help it...I needed a shake!


At 3.5 months old, Dash has mastered Sit, Stand, Down, Up Sit, Off (she hears that one enough!) Get the Keys, Get the coins, Get the Ball or toy, and Give, depositing these things in your hand. She will also 'leave it' for items on the floor in a store, kibble on the floor and even on her paws. We're working on Stay and recall (coming when called, despite distractions) and Raise (front paws on things). She waits eagerly, but quietly for her food, which takes her less time to eat than to wait for! She sits quietly to get her collar/leash on to go outside, and sits on a towel at the top of the stairs while we get our coats and shoes off when we come back in. She's doing very well in public and has been to stores, malls, church, and special events many times.

Relaxing at Gramma's House

Me and my Charis relaxing.

Play Time

Uncle Bruce always gets everyone wound up...and I had fun with him too!

Kaylin and Me

Playing with my favorite little cousins, who love me...maybe sometimes a bit much. Fortunately, I've learned to be a patient puppy. At first, when I would get a little wild and bitey, my family would try to control me by being authoritarian, but I was only getting wilder. Now they hold me till I'm calm and can lick them instead of biting. This really improved my attitude and soon I was much calmer in general. Then I met the little cousins. I naturally knew I needed to be more careful with them, and I quickly learned to be gentler and they quickly learned not to run and flap their arms and get me excited, barking and biting! It was a great Christmas and I had a chance to do many new things!

How I became a Puppy Raiser

I'm so comfy!

Santa Puppy

They're getting me ready for Christmas, but my new Santa Suit is pretty big! You can hardly see my tail!

After two weeks I'm fitting into my Santa suit much better, you can see my whole tail!

Me and Santa handing out presents!

Family Photos

My first family photos. Nov 27th, 2008

The Dash Board

They put up a Dash Board at church, so everyone would know why there's a dog at church, and how to best relate to me!

My first time at church.

Charis' Schoolwork

November 24th, the first day at my new home. I'm still getting acclimatized, but I sure like sitting on Charis' warm foot while she does her school work. I don't find history dvd's that interesting though.

At the Vet

I look so little at the vet's office, but I'm 17 lbs now! Before I came to live with my new family, I had a week with the Dogs With Wings secretary, and her older service dog. I thought that his bone looked tasty and after a half and hour of playing with his bone he had enough. I ended up with a cut on my nose and a broken tooth. I'm at the vet to get the root removed.

Mmmmm comfy

My first night in my new bed. It looks so big!

Dash Arrives

Dash isn't just a pet, she's a 'service puppy'. On November 23rd, 2008 Dash became part of our family for one year. She was born Sept 15 in Nova Scotia and is a purebred Black Lab.

She is a service dog in training with and will become a guide dog, assistance dog or autism dog. You can read more about Dogs with Wings on their website. They're always looking for more puppy raisers in the Edmonton area, so if you want to take one of these cute little bundles home and are willing to commit to loving and training for a year, you are needed!

This picture is of the day Dash arrived at our home. She's just gotten out of the van, and onto the front yard.