Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Protective Puppy

Hi there!
This is Charis, Dash's puppy raiser. Yesterday while Mom was doing her morning work-out, she was told me of the first time Dash saw her doing leglifts. We've had her for almost two months now and she' s gotten a little protective of Mom and me. Mom was on the ottoman doing leglifts and Dash decides in her little doggie mind that mom's legs are too high and should be on the floor. So what does a little dog do? Barks (not supposed to), puts her front feet on the ottoman (also not supposed to do), and gets a hold of the top of Mom's socks (still not supposed to) and tries to pull the legs down to a respectable height. It made me remember the first time she did that to me. Over the Christmas holidays Mom's side of the family rented a camp for a few days. There was a double bed at the back of the room and a single bunk bed on top of that where I stored my stuff. Dash was almost asleep when I went to put the stuff up, so I stood on the bed (which was a normal height) and Dash gave me a look of horror. A second later she had her front paws on the bed, barking and pulling me off by the socks. I jumped down and start scolding her for her total misbehaviour and she growls lightly at me and then settles down for bed again. Looking back I can almost hear her saying "GET OFF OF THERE!! You're going to fall and break your neck!! GET OFF, and don't get on there again, EVER!!!" Silly puppy. But I'm glad she's protecting me!

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