Sunday, January 11, 2009


At 3.5 months old, Dash has mastered Sit, Stand, Down, Up Sit, Off (she hears that one enough!) Get the Keys, Get the coins, Get the Ball or toy, and Give, depositing these things in your hand. She will also 'leave it' for items on the floor in a store, kibble on the floor and even on her paws. We're working on Stay and recall (coming when called, despite distractions) and Raise (front paws on things). She waits eagerly, but quietly for her food, which takes her less time to eat than to wait for! She sits quietly to get her collar/leash on to go outside, and sits on a towel at the top of the stairs while we get our coats and shoes off when we come back in. She's doing very well in public and has been to stores, malls, church, and special events many times.

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