Saturday, August 8, 2009


Well, I've been home a week now, but my vacation really was spectacular. Mom keeps saying that I came home "sleek, slim, and sedate". I guess all the playing with Schooner and trips to the off leash park were good for me! I hope I can go back sometime soon! My girl brought me back a new stuffed bull. I can't wait to dig into it, but she says it's for supervised play only. Sigh.

Our training this week was in Ikea. My girl says that for once I wasn't the class clown. I'm very good at escalators and elevators, so it wasn't difficult for me. My "up sits" are getting very good on the left side, but I have no idea what they mean when they ask for it on the other side. When they give the "up sit" command I need to sit right close squashed up beside them, touching their legs. Sometimes they move farther from me and say "closer" and I slide into position again. It's always worth some good kibble and makes them quite happy, which makes me happy!

But now, my bone is waiting...

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