Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Dash has been terminated from the Dogs with Wings Service Dog Training program. Actually, all of her siblings of any age (14 dogs) have been terminated. It isn't specific to her or related to her abilities or lack of abilities directly. The organization has had issues with some of the older dogs of her parentage and at the same time has had 11 new puppies from their in-house breeding program who have demonstrated that they are tried and true service animals. So with limited resources in staff and space, they've decided to cut their losses with this crew and move on to dogs who are more likely to be successful. We were offered Dash as a pet but our busy family is unable to keep a pet who has never been left alone and has not been kenneled. They will be finding a home, hopefully with young children and a mom at home, as Dash is very patient, loving and protective of children. She will make a wonderful pet.

So here ends Dash's blog. I hope you've enjoyed hearing about Dash's journey as a service dog.

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