Monday, August 24, 2009


My girl had another balloon job in a town far away (near Lac LaBiche). We took a long drive and when we got there the smells were AMAZING. I've never spent so much time sniffing before. While trucks and strange cars raced around, I enjoyed the shade. I met a number of friendly stray dogs, and met many people unfamiliar with service dogs. Eventually I got very tired - so tired that I fell asleep in my water bowl. It might have been shielding for the distracting smells!

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  1. We enjoyed having Dash stay with us last month and I think it helped Schooner to settle back into our home. They loved playing at the off leash park together. You are doing a great job of training her, she is such a sweetie. If you need a sitter on a weekend again let me know, we would love to have Dash visit again.