Sunday, June 28, 2009

On the Bus

Last week my litter had our bus class. We practiced getting on and off the bus with grace. I didn't like going under the seat too much, there were bars in my way. I did managed to do it but I preferred to sit in front of my girl. There were lots of loud noises on the bus. Fortunately I don't care about those. We did a few difficult down-stays. We all lined up in a row and the end dog did a down stay until their person called them. They expected us not to play with all the other dogs in the row, but come directly to our person. Not everyone had time to do that at the bus station, so afterwards we all lined up in the office with our jackets on and did more down-stays so everyone got a chance. I did well, but truthfully, I the other dogs were distracting, as I just want to play. We did get a chance to play afterward and I met Gidget.

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