Saturday, February 21, 2009

A VERY Long Day

Wow, I'm SO tired right now, I'm half asleep already! This morning, my girl took to to Terwilligar Off Leash park to play with Pilot and Sierra. I had such a good time and I wasn't as hyper as I normally am, even when we first came. After the long walk, they took me to Wendy's and then Shaw Conference Center for Missions Fest (to see the balloons we made and to walk around and visit some of the booths). There was quite a few kids to meet, two were especially noteworthy and they said they would pay money to have videos of them! One was a little toddler in a big fluffy pink snow suit who was petting me very gently on the ear with her little hand. I greeted her which resulted in a little squeal of delight and more petting. Then she and her mom walked on a little ways, but the little girl look back at me and came back for another round of petting. This happened three times and the last time she waddled sideways away to her mother. By then we had a little crowd all giggling.

After walking outside a set of doors from the little girl, we found a little boy who was about one and a half years old who wanted to pet me too. He held out his hand for me to lick just like Charis had showed him and after a little kiss he did a jumpy dance and a happy scream. After that happened many times his father told him to give me a hug so they could go. To this little boy giving a hug meant sticking his head out (which I licked followed by more screams of delight). Then we all had to go... *sigh*

We met another service dog from PADS (Pacific Assistance Dog Society) with his partner. I was sleeping soundly so Charis went and talked with the lady for a few minutes. She had just gotten this dog because her other service dog had retired. I woke up very suddenly and gave one little woof to announce that there was another dog in the vicinity. After that I was too tired to bother trying to play and went right to sleep. Lots of people petted me while I slept, which felt great. On the way home, Charis introduced me to another new thing, the Bus. Big thing, very noisy and wiggly, but I just slept. Mom was wondering if she would have to carry me home from the bus stop! As soon as I realized this was our block my tail shot up in a happy little perky way and we pranced all the way home very happily. I'm going to sleep well tonight.


This morning Charis was taking silly pictures of me. She likes pulling my fur and ears into all sorts of shapes. Here is what she came up with:

When I go to the off leash parks I meet lots of different dogs of all shapes and sizes, I met a pug. I don't want to be a pug, their legs are too short and I like to run fast.

After that I met an Afghan, with their sleek long face. They can run fast with their long legs, but I think they are a little big for me, I don't want too be that big. At least not yet.

On the way back I met a German Sheppard, with their perky ears. Their legs are long and they're not to big but they don't like kibble very much...I just don't understand that.

.....There is something fundamentally wrong about not liking kibble as much.... so in the end, I think I'd rather just be a lab.

Ok all dogs raise their paws if they want to go to bed.

Maybe I'll just be a gorilla instead!

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