Friday, February 20, 2009

Around Town

Yesterday Charis had a big balloon job for Missions Fest doing balloons. She doesn't normally do decorating however she likes doing this job. I was helping out Charis with the balloons, I was good all day, all eight hours we were at the Shaw Conference Centre. I didn't even mind the balloons when they bounced off of me and I didn't even try to eat the balloon scraps (ok just once at the end). Charis was proud and all the volunteers who know I was there really liked me. I mostly relaxed under the table while they made a ton of noise inflating balloons with helium right beside me. Charis did have me do one fun thing, run really fast up a single flight of stairs, and then we came right back down again! It was a good race, Charis was slow, but I let her win anyway.

On Tuesday Charis took me to the Royal Allberta Museum for a few hours. I only barked at the wolves but I didn't bark when Charis played the sounds of the cyotes barking and howling. The big bison and ploar bears didn't even bother me. Charis let me go down a penguin slide meant for little kids (and puppies too!) it was so much fun, I went twice! Once with Charis and once by myself with her waiting at the bottom. By the time we left the museum I was so tired that I napped at every exibit.

For now, I'm going to have my morning nap, have lunch and then it's off to the off leash park with the big Dogs With Wings puppies. This is going to be a fun afternoon.

One of the latest tricks I'm trying to learn is how to open doors. The house has the kind of handles where you push down and then open the door, instead of round knobs. Charis doesn't like me jumping and I think she doesn't want me to learn this trick. Sometimes she says I'm too smart for my own good. I wonder why because this morning I thought it was great when I opened the front door!

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