Thursday, April 30, 2009


Today I'm going on a field trip. I'll be at a senior's home in Morinville. Yesterday I had an all-day field trip! I went to Bon Accord Community School. My girl didn't take any pictures, but I got to speak to and show off all the stuff I've been learning to 10 classes for 25 min each. It took all day and I was pretty tired, but it was fun. I know they understood my tail wagging message pretty clearly, as they all petted me everywhere. Some of the preschool class even put their fingers in my ears and mouth, but I didn't mind. Most kids had never seen a service dog before, but some had uncles or parents that are or have used one.

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  1. And we were very glad to have you at our school! I was sad that I had to be away that day - but I heard lots of great things about you!

    Darryl Propp
    Bon Accord Community School.